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No portfolio, just a few photos from the EarlyRiser MICHAEL KADDIK

Originally, this gallery was purely private and only meant to show holiday photos to family, friends and work colleagues.
Then in 2019, I decided I didn't want to keep my photos from the rest of humanity any longer and opened up the gallery to everyone. At the end of the day, I don't think it makes sense to take photos only to have them live a lonely life on your hard drive.

Unlike 'professional' photography websites that only show a portfolio of 'best photos' I simply show photos that I like myself for some reason.

The comment function is disabled. Anyone who wants to reach me is welcome to email me at info@This-Domain.de.

Please note:

All photos on this website are subject to my copyright. Reproduction and any other use of the photos is only permitted with my prior written consent.

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